How Quickly Can I Build Followers?

Michael Forsyth

Written by Michael Forsyth on July 5, 2016

A very common question we encounter when initially discussing social media strategies with businesses is ‘How quickly can I build quality followers on my company social media sites?’ As always with anything social, the answer is never cut and dried. It remains highly subjective although with the introduction of some research and data about your business in particular, a rounded answer can be formed.


Unless you are a world-wide desirable brand you will have to work hard at gaining followers to your social media sites. To maximise your followers you will need to deploy various tactics and maintain an active online presence. Once you have decided social media is for your business and you have scoped out a social media marketing strategy you will need to activate your social media accounts – quickly!


The sooner you have a social media presence, the sooner companies and individuals can start to follow your company online. Unless you have some grandiose marketing teaser campaign to announce the arrival of your company’s social media presence then getting up-and-running as soon as possible is essential to picking up followers.

Now your company is online you can instigate some subjective social media tactics to attract followers. Which tactics you initiate will depend on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and your overarching marketing objectives, which are specific to your business.


Generally the tactics fall into two categories. Generating awareness and consistent engagement. You need to make sure that anyone who comes into contact with your business is aware of your social media presence. For example, this means links on your websites, emails and newsletters. Social media icons on business cards, adverts and stationery as well as word-of-mouth. Other tactics are joining industry related and peer groups and following stakeholders online presence. These tactics listed here are not mutually exclusive or exhaustive.


At Consorcio not only do we tailor make and manage social media awareness strategies for your business but we also fully manage your company’s social media presence with consistent content engagement. We generate, research and post your content consistently and engage with your users comments and discussions as if it were your own company. Now that’s a recipe for building quality followers, fast.

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