The Rise & Rise Of Social Media Marketing

Paula Cortes

Written by Paula Cortes on August 5, 2016

The businesses still harboring the dichotomy of whether social media marketing is worth it or not may be surprised to hear that there is no straightforward answer. Hitherto your business will not fail if you are not marketing through social media (unless of course you are in the business of social media marketing) but you will undoubtedly be missing out on a new growing audience.


With the recent introduction of super fast 4G coupled with slicker apps and improved smartphones, social media has become easier and more accessible to a vastly expanding audience. It may not be commonplace right now to search for a pizza company on social media but it is common to become aware of a pizza company (good or bad) through friends Likes, Comments and Posts that will undoubtedly influence your future buying decisions.


So you may not run a pizza parlour, chances are you may run another business and this is where the subjectivity can be found. Every business is different, even businesses in direct competition with each other. The culture, image, staff, business practices and ethics all contribute to the dynamics which govern a business’s persona. So choosing how to market through social media generally requires careful consideration , deciding whether to partake in social media marketing is vastly becoming an easier decision to make.


Although just having a social media presence for your business is clearly not enough. Ask the question (if you liked pizza of course), from two unknown pizza companies would you prefer to order a pizza from the company with an active social media presence that has an abundance of followers, post, positive comments and likes or one that has a presence but minimal content, engagement, followers and interaction?


However, to have an active social media presence for your business that engages interaction, builds active followers and promotes your services requires a vast amount of content, monitoring and posting. At Consorcio we fully manage social media for businesses so that they can concentrate wholeheartedly on their core services. Social media marketing is growing, it’s not going away and for now it’s here to stay.

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