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Ian Sullivan

Written by Ian Sullivan on September 5, 2016

On this post Consorcio has a look at how print is evolving to compete with the new digital media techniques as a marketing service channel.


With all the new marketing channels available print is supposed to be dead isn’t it? – Well, actually, no. Print is alive and kicking and will be for a long time yet.


But how can print survive if marketing have cheaper, quicker methods to market? – Print needs to get smarter and work in conjunction with alternative marketing channels in order for it to thrive. Gone are the days where print could easily rattle off a million copies of this or that with the hope that something would work. Also gone are the days where print held a monopoly on a marketing channel such as direct mail or POS/POP. Marketing increasingly need to prove their service channels are working with ROI.


What about the tangability and the tactile qualities of print? Don’t people value those qualities? – Naturally people like to hold a newspaper or flick the printed page of a book whilst reading and these values will remain. The elements that suppress these values are ‘ease of use’ and ‘the generation interaction’.


Generation interaction – what’s that?– It’s where a generation has grown up utilising and interacting with alternative media sources instead of print. They generally consider these alternative media sources as standard and consider their print equivalent as antiquated. For example, how many of the first world younger generation do you know that have regularly hand written a letter?


Interesting. So just as a certain demographic find new media a bit strange the new generation see print the same way? – It’s highly subjective of course but generally marketing find themselves in a huge state of flux at the moment where they typically need all the marketing channels to communicate with a large customer demographic. Print plays a big part in that but so does the new digital media marketing channels. Today is about the brand understanding the preference of communication for each customer.

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