The Power Of Communication

Dhaval Prajapati

Written by Dhaval Prajapati on October 5, 2016

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about with social media? Can’t quite work out why people spend ages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al? Ever think there must be a reason why it’s so popular but you just don’t get it? Well, the answer is simple really. It’s all about communication.


Social media is replete with information. Human beings (and sometimes robots) communicating to each other about their experiences, knowledge and lifestyle. Granted there is a lot of useless information out there, but to be frank there always has been long before social media came about. Some would even argue that one persons bad information is another persons good information, and they would have a valid point. Social media has given the individual the power to post information (good or bad) at the press of a button or two.


So what use is all this information on social media and how do I sort the good from the bad? Let’s take a common experience that doesn’t involve social media to indirectly demonstrate its power.


If you want to fit a new bathroom chances are you will need a plumber at some point. You are sitting with a group of friends one day and mention that you are looking for a good, reliable plumber. One of your friends recommends an excellent plumber they know that has worked on their house, was quick, cheap and clean and even guarantees the work. Not only that, but another friend pipes up and recommends the same plumber. Now, do you go home, ignore your friends advice and start surfing the Internet for a local plumber you don’t even know? Or do you at least call your friends plumber for a quote?


This is how communicating effectively on social media can be ultimately powerful for businesses. If people follow your business pages, recommend your work online and comment, post and participate on your company sites then that is as powerful as recommending your company by word-of-mouth. If you see a couple of friends have recommended and commented on a local plumbers Facebook page about how great they are then chances are you will contact that plumbing company over one that hasn’t been endorsed or worse still, doesn’t even have a social media presence.


At Consorcio we specialise in social media for businesses and maximising your company’s potential to obtain followers, likes and discussions that ultimately drives more business. Now, isn’t that powerful.

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