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Ad Hoc

We supply ad hoc services for all social media platforms. From live Twitter walls, Facebook apps to LinkedIn groups. We do it all.


Consorcio provide ad hoc social media services. If your requirement is just help on getting started or a full crisis management programme then we can provide a one- off service for you. We can also consult on your social media activity or individual social media campaigns to help you maximise your competitive advantage.


We provide many ad hoc social media solutions. As such we manage and moderate live interactive on-site Twitter walls for events, conferences or seminars, live Tweet Chats, Facebook competitions and events, LinkedIn groups, social media App building, social media HR documents and much more in order to maximise online engagement for your brand.


We have also assisted many brands in generating revenue through their social media presence. This often results in our ad hoc social media costs being negated and actually generates additional income for you!

What we do

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Full Management

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